Experience Scripture In God's Creation!!

Visible VerseTM Note Cards - Also available as laminated devotion cards

May the unique presentation of Scripture found within each Visible Verse TM card lead you on a life-long journey of experiencing Scripture in Gods creation!

Click on the thumbnails below to see images of each Visible VerseTM Note Card.

  • Photo of a Black-cheeked woodpecker taken at Gallon Jug, Belize
  • Photo of a raging forest fire and elk taken in Sula, Montana
  • Photo of a Banded Peacock Butterfly taken at the Chan Chich Lodge in Belize
  • Photo of a Hathorne Tree
  • Photo of an American Plum Tree
  • Photo of Water Droplets on Grass

Front Image                                     -                                 Inside Left Image

Visible VerseTM Devotion Cards are a powerful tool for Scripture memory, scientific discovery, and the application of biblical truth.

Created by a Christian who is also a professional biologist, these cards use Scripture as a lens through which to view the created world. Each card contains a Bible verse (Visible VerseTM ), a related creation image, and an application-focused discussion of both.

The set of six Visible VerseTM Note Cards are an excellent and natural way to share your faith along with your encouragement.


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Visible VerseTM Note Cards

Set of six (6) Visible VerseTM Note Cards, each with a different Visible VerseTM Devotion Card as the cover and is blank on the inside for your personal message.

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Also available as laminated devotion cards


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